Building & Civil Works Division

Building Construction was primarily the focus of Paul-B Nigeria Plc way back in late 1980's when it was obvious that our indigenous contracting firms in every materials sense could not meet the expectations of government, corporate and individual client with myriad of failed and poorly executed projects doting our landscape. The financial provision by way of advance payment was massively abused to the extent that foreign companies became preferable to our indigenous outfits who had integrity deficit.

It was a common phenomenon, therefore to ridicule out technical experts who not only perform excellently well under expatriate supervision but would show lack of finesses when challenged to deliver under indigenous oversight.

Job opportunities were therefore created for foreigners particularly personnel from the Middle-East and Asian countries who hitherto were not considered favourably in the technical fields. They became the main beneficiary of this stop gap and in the process graduated to the status of task masters noted for what they stand to benefit financially to the determent of our national goals and aspiration.

Our technical empowerment became worse for it as the opportunities for training and retraining our indigenous manpower were lost. The burning desire for a change gave birth to PAUL-B NIG. PLC., designed to achieve performance standards that are world class in the area of building construction.