Integrated Farms Ltd


Paul-B Integrated Farms Limited is 100% subsidiary of Paul-B Nigeria Plc, a division established to manage and operate ultra-modern integrated commercial farming.

Supported by a team of highly experienced agriculture technocrats and research professionals, we strive to conquer new milestones in commercial farming in partnership schemes using advanced technology, the most excellent equipment, the most attentive services and the most favourable return; thereby contributing in no small measure to revenue generation drive and reducing ever skyrocketing unemployment challenges in the polity.

Our country is endowed with verse area of land very suitable for agriculture, with assured local and international market, we believe there is an assurance of wealth creation. The potentials are there in the country. The untapped arable land is there. We have the capacity to provide the required farm inputs that can robustly transform agricultural production. We must not allow food importation policies to kill research initiatives and farmers' enthusiasm to give national research breakthroughs a trial. Most importantly, we rely on the Federal Government political will to address issues of food insecurity, unemployment internally generated revenue, employment and wealth creation in the Country.

Agriculture remains the only hope of getting out of the global economic crisis in the country, as the sector offered opportunities for achieving food security in the country. We work under an exclusivity basis in exploring various PPP options available to actualise commercial agricultural production for local and international consumption.