Integrated Oil & Gas Equatorial Guinea


Paul-B Integrated Oil & Gas EG is an emerging division of Paul-B Nigeria Plc established to provide services to the energy, oil and gas and allied industries in the Equatorial Guinea. It is an independent engineering company with tested capacity for supporting customers and projects in Equatorial Guinea in the wide areas of Civil Engineering Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation & Controls, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning services.

The division is committed to providing the best services possible, with proven capacity for supporting clients/major projects in the areas of Instrumentation & control, Pre/Commissioning Services, Maintenance of Production Facilities, Training, Procurement, Warehousing, Lease, Installation, and Maintenance of OEM and non OEM products.

The division was set up in collaboration with experienced professionals, operating in accordance with internationally accepted standards and world best practices to provide customers and partners with an integrated line of products and services spanning initial needs consultation, product selection, procurement, spares, installation, after sales maintenance, manpower, and OEM product training for client personnel.


Instrumentation and control services: -
Test Equipment and Device, Certifications traceable to UKAS, Instrument device calibration and validation. Gas and liquid metering calibration, validation services and maintenance. Construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning services. Procurement, Warehousing, Lease, Installation of OEM equipment, Operation and Maintenance of Oil & Gas facilities and Process Plants.

Pre-commissioning Services: -
Hydro Testing, Nitrogen Purging, Caliper & Intelligent Pigging of Pipe/Flow Lines, Inspection and NDT services, Rope Access and oil flushing.

Mechanical Engineering Services: -
Process valve calibrations and certification. PSV’s and statutory inspections and etc. lifting Equipment Inspection and Crane Management services.

Training: -
In conjunction with authorized partners and collaboration with other leading corporate training organizations, we carry out: - Instrumentation and control training scheduling, ASNT level I, II & II in RT, MT, PT, ET, VT, UT, API RP-2D Rigger training and certifications, API RP-2D Crane Operator training, etc. Specialized man power recruitment.


We apply the highest standards of safety and quality and we strive to deploy the latest technology and techniques in pipeline construction/repairs meeting requirements of relevant codes and legislations. We are committed to helping our clients transport their fluids from one point to another.


Pipeline descaling is the removal of hard calcium and wax deposits in pipelines. This is done to restore the original flow rate in the line; to allow inspection tools to assess the pipeline integrity and reduce the overall operating costs. Paul-B, we use special scrappers able to pulverize the hard calcium deposits without disrupting the fluid flow


At Paul-B, we utilize the most current techniques of Cathodic Protection in Corrosion Monitoring. This is to ensure that we give our clients optimum data quality delivery. Our team of experts utilizes the state of art technology to conduct real time (online/offline) measurements of pipeline integrity over a period of time . Through this, we can effectively monitor the corrosion rate of the pipeline and deliver cost effective results to our clients.


Pigging refers to the practice of using pipeline inspection tools or “pigs” to perform various operations on a pipeline without restricting the flow of the product in the line. Intelligent pigs can detect defects most economically in shortest possible time frame and with higher reliability.

At Paul-B, we offer a complete range of services for high resolution and quality defect identification using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Ultrasonic Technology. We partner with world leaders in pig technology to supply and run intelligent pigging tools for pipeline verification. We retrieve, analyze and report on the pipeline data and provide procedures for repair works where required


Paul-B, maintains a fleet of High Pressure Triplex Pumps and High Volume Centrifugal Pumps for various field services. We parade some of the best trained pumping engineers and technicians with several years of experience in various pumping services.

  • Pipeline Flooding
  • Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • Chemical Injection
  • Well Testing
  • Well Stimulation Services
  • Flow Augmentation
  • Pipeline Gauging
  • Hydro Testing
  • De-watering
  • Drying
  • Pipeline Commissioning
  • Nitrogen Purging

Paul-B is highly recommended for valve inspection, maintenance and repair, hydrostatic testing or leak detection. Our methods have achieved 100% valve repairs and leak detection success in our several years of service. Our testing and maintenance equipment are highly mobile and very cost effective. Our hydrostatic testing, valve servicing /repairs and leak detection services eliminate the usual high cost of maintaining facilities.


Long Range Ultrasonic testing is used to detect the internal conditions of pipelines in highly inaccessible areas where conventional methods will not suffice. LRUT is the latest technology in pipeline integrity checks because of its versatility, real time data accuracy and cost effectiveness over long distances. It is now being readily embraced by pipeline companies everywhere. At Paul-B, we have trained and certified engineers to meet every facility inspection needs using this ground breaking technology.


Glass Reinforced Epoxy( G R E ) is a composite material made of an epoxy and reinforced by fine glass fibre. GRE Piping is suitable for various onshore and offshore piping, tubing and casting. Pipeline Current Mapping(PCM) uses a transmitter and portable handheld receiver to identify coating defects on pipelines.

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