PAUL-B NIGERIA PLC was incorporated in August 1991 with a modest 100,000 shares of ₦ 1 each, which was fully paid up. Right from the date of incorporation, the desire to excel and to stamp strongly our authority in the technical field was boiling in the minds of the directors. The shares were increased to 20,000,000 and then 125,000,000 presently.

Way back in the 80's, it was a common phenomenon to ridicule our technical experts who not only perform excellently well under expatriate supervision but also show lack of finesse when challenged to deliver under indigenous spheres. Job opportunities were therefore created for foreigners particularly personnel from the middle-East and Asian countries who hitherto were not considered favourably in the technical fields. They became the main beneficiary of this stop gap and in the process graduated to the status of task masters noted for what they stand to benefit financially to the detriment of our national goals and aspirations. Our technical empowerment became worse for it, as the opportunities for training and retaining our indigenous manpower were lost. The burning desire for change gave birth to PAUL-B NIGERIA PLC, which is designed to achieve a performance standard that is world class.

As a graduate of Civil Engineering of many years standing, Paul Enidom (Chairman) led the pack of the technical team that went for the registration interview with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing who is statutorily empowered to register companies that so wish to operate at the Federal level. Having being registered in categories ‘D’ in both civil and building engineering divisions, the stage was set for the pioneering adventure into purposeful and excellent execution of projects at inception. We are equally registered with Federal Government Ministries, Departments & Agencies and many State Governments